Around the World Book Club: Europe!

Posted on May 4, 2022

Our first book club meeting will take place Wednesday, June 1 at 10AM. We’ll be discussing the books you’ve read that take place in Europe!

Europe consists of 50 countries, including Great Britain, France, Italy, Germany, and Ukraine. Some sources list Russia as part of Europe, while others include Russia with Asia. There’s more information about Europe on the Nations Online site.

Select your Book!

This Book Club is a non-traditional book club. Instead of everyone reading the same book, then talking about, each person just reads a book about the same region of the world. We have a book display at the library with books that take place in Europe, but you’re also welcome to select your own book. We’ve created a list you can find here. Feel free to read any genre you like, from true crime, historical fiction, mystery and thrillers, or even Nonfiction! As long as the main setting is somewhere in Europe, you’re golden!

See you on June 1 at 10AM to discuss your book, have some traditional European Food, and more!