Book Recommendation Websites

Posted on June 30, 2022

Since you can’t come into the library right now and browse our shelves, I’m going to show you some websites that can help recommend your next book for you!

  1. What Should I Read Next?

2. Literature Map

With this website, you type in the name of an author you like and the result is a map of similar authors. The ones closest to each other are most similar. You can click any of the names to have it re-centered on the map. With these new authors, you can browse our library catalog to see if we have anything they’ve written.

3. Good Reads

Goodreads is more of a long-term book recommendation site. It’s also a place where you can keep track of books that you’ve already read, as well as those you want to read. I use Goodreads several times a week for my personal reading habits. The book books you rate, the more the site gets to know you and can recommend better and better books for you. You do need an account for Goodreads, but it is free, and it has an app!

4. Whichbook

Whichbook offeres a set of sliding scales, so you can choose from 12 different aspects, such as the length of the book, expected/unpredictable, happy/sad, etc. There are also lists of books for you to browse. You can also detail information about the main character, plot, or settings. This feature is extremely helpful if you’ve previously read a book, but don’t remember what it is.

6. Epic Reads (for Teens)

Epic Reads is largely young adult fiction. There are tons of interactive quizzes, lists of books, charts, and more!

7. Reading Rockets for Kids!

Reading Rockets is a great site with book lists for young readers.

Honorable Mentions

  • Bookish – Get custom book recommendations based on just a few books or genres. Find articles and author interviews too!
  • Library Thing – add books to your catalog and get recommendations based on what you’ve read.
  • Book Bub – sends you currated lists of inexpensive ebooks
  • Olmenta – Book recommendations based on general popularity.
  • Shelfari – sort of like Wikipedia for Books!

Bonus: Library Extension

Library Extension is an add on for your browsers (Chrome or Firefox) that will automatically tell you if any book from Goodreads or Amazon is available at the library. It also works at many other sites, but it is most reliable with Goodreads and Amazon.