Book Review: The Awakening (Nora Roberts)

Posted on March 9, 2022

by Tiffany

I don’t think I’ve ever read any Nora Roberts books before, but I always thought they were romance. I saw the dragon on the front cover of this and decided to give it a try, since I like Fantasy.

It starts out with a normal, regular woman, Breen Kelly, finds that her mother has been hiding an investment account, in Breen’s name, from her. She discovers that the four million dollars is from her father, who left when she was around 10 years old. Since then this money has been coming in from Ireland, every month.

Breen decides to use the money to quit her job, that she hates, and spend the summer in Ireland, searching for her father, and for herself, and what she wants to do with her life.

That summer turns out to be the most amazing summer of her life, as she discovers a portal to another land, one with fairies, dragons, and her grandmother! She meets a boy, falls in love, and follows her heart…

I try not to read books in series before the entire series is out, but I fell into the trap. I read The Awakening, which is book one, and also The Becoming, which is book two. Book 3 is not out yet! OH NO! I have to wait!!!!

This book has a little for everyone, romance, fantasy, dragons, a journey of discovering yourself, evil bad guys, overbearing mothers, doting grandmothers, magic, and great writing.