Book Review: How to Babysit a Grandpa

Posted on April 11, 2022

It’s me again ya’ll! This month I’m going to talk about children’s books. There’s nothing better than reading to a child if it is a book they can enjoy and giggle about. It’s so hard to be a child and have to sit still and be quiet. Some books just get their attention so completely they want to read them over and over. The book we are talking about is one of my granddaughter Ainsley’s favorites! There is a whole series of these “How To” books and we have several of them.


Yep you read it right. Everything your child needs to know when they go to babysit Grandpa. It has important things in it too! Like snack time. You know, anything with ketchup on it, cookies, ice cream and of course sprinkles! Then there’s the walk in the park. You have to know how to look for lizards and puddles to jump in and sprinklers and flowers. There are also important games like hide and seek (no giggling) and how to build a fort and putting on a play. But at the end of the day mom and dad always come back!

I like these books because they are written on a child’s level and illustrated with bright pictures. Kids can relate to them because they are about real life and they are so much fun. I can always get them to read books that they can read and laugh about. She has nine of these how to books. There’s also a How to Babysit a Grandma book. IF you have young children I promise they will love these books to. It’s never too early to develop a love of books and reading.