Book Review: Life Flight by Lynette Eason

Posted on March 8, 2022

By Darlene

Well, if I had know I was going to have to write a book report for work, I would have paid more attention in school! Just grin and read on, ha-ha! If you’re an adrenaline junkie, this is the edge of your seat page turner that you need to read.

The story begins with our EMS Helicopter pilot, Penny, being forced to land her helicopter with a critical patient on board during a raging storm, on top of a mountain. She has to leave the copter and walk down the mountain to find help while leaving her patient and nurses on board. After calling for help, she learns that an escaped serial killer is on the loose on the same mountain!

Her sometimes boyfriend, Holt, from the FBI comes to the rescue and our serial killer dies….. or does he??

Someone is still stalking Penny and playing terrifying games with people’s lives. After holt discovers the dead man was a look-a-like, the tension escalates. Penny becomes our killer’s next obsession. Will he succeed in making her his next victim?

Holt and Penny must find a way to outwit the killer while exposing secrets from their own past. It takes a kidnapping with a daring escape to bring Holt and Penny together to face the past and move into their future.

I love all of Lynette Eason’s books. I have read every single one that the library has. They are always edge-of-your seat adventures. I like trying to figure out the ending, of course I’m never right! It is fun trying though, and these books are never boring. Check it out today!

(Note from Tiffany: I typed this up and I’m still wondering what happened to the helicopter and the critical patient during all this!)