How to request library materials during Curb-Side Service

Posted on June 30, 2020

There are several ways that you can request library materials during our Covid19 shut down.

The first, and most often use method, is simply call the library.

(870) 438-6700 and tell us the list of the books or movies that you want. We will grab them off the shelf for you then you come to the library and we bring them outside for you.

The second way to get materials is by using our website. Using the search bar at the top of , search for the author or title of the book. When you find the book or movie you’d like to check out, click the blue “Place Request” button next to it.

It will ask for your Username and your password. The Username is your entire library card number. Don’t include spaces. By default the password is 1234. You can change both of them at any time after you log in once. It will then ask which library you’d like to pick up your materials, and when you want them. When you click Submit, the librarians get the request.

We will then go to the shelves and pull the books and movies you asked for and they will be ready for you when you come to the library.

In Both Cases, when you come to the library, you will need to call us and let us know you arrived.