How we hinder the spread of COVID-19

Posted on June 30, 2020

There are several ways that you can request library materials during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Updated March 2022.

Masks Welcome.

Freedom of Choice Statement:

At the Green Forest Public Library, we recognize that you have the freedom to choose what is best for you and your family. Mask? No Mask? Vaccinated? Not Vaccinated? You pick. Its up to you. However, please take our safety and health into consideration as well.

No masks welcome.

Our Responsibilities:

  • We will wear masks for your health and safety if COVID numbers are increasing in the area.
  • We will clean and disinfect surfaces often.
  • We will try to avoid close contact.
  • We will stay home when we don’t feel well.
  • We will provide masks for patrons who want them.
  • We will use air purifiers to try to keep the air clean for you.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Please stay home if you don’t feel well. If you must use the library, if possible use our Curb-side Service.
  • Use hand sanitizer provided by the library, or wash your hands.
  • Avoid close contact with staff and other patrons.
  • Limit your time in the library if possible.

COVID-19 Limitations

Starting November 17, 2021: As long as Carroll County, as less than 50 Active Cases of Covid-19 (As reported by the Arkansas Department of Health), All patrons will get up to 2 hours of computer time.

If Others are waiting to use the computer, you may be asked to get off after 1 hour, but you can have an additional hour later that same day.

Other Library Services:

By Phone

Call us at (870) 438-6700 and tell us the list of the books or movies that you want. We will grab them off the shelf for you so they are ready when you get here.

In Person Browsing/Computer Usage

You may come into the library. We have hand santizier and masks available near the entrance if you wish to use those. After you leave, we can sanitize and disinfect the computer you were at, or the books you may have touched, so we can maintain a virus-free environment.

Curbside Service or Home Delivery!

If you choose not to enter the library for any reason, that’s okay too! We will bring books out to you, or make copies/faxing for you, but everyone is welcome in the library.

We can also bring books or movies to your house if you sign up for home-bound delivery service and live within 5 miles of the library.


You can also access our OPAC (online catalog) by clicking here. You can search for books, put items on reserve.

Your username will be your entire library card number as shown on the back of your library card, and by default, the password is 1234. You can change either of them after you log in. After you search for the book you want, click RESERVE” and the librarians will pull the books or movies off the shelf and have them ready for you.