Quilt Club- Irish Chain Block

Posted on October 27, 2020

The first block in our Lori Holt Sampler quilt is the Irish Chain Block. You will need to make 18 of these. Click here for the intro post about this quilt.

You’ll need 1.5 yards of Color A, and 3 yards of the background color. (You’ll be using this background color in the other blocks, and in the inner border as well, so don’t use it all!)

I know 18 blocks is a lot to do in 2 weeks, but you won’t need them finished until May, so take your time and do 1 or 2 each week until then.

We are using the pattern by Becky Smith. It can be found here on her blog. I’ve also mailed all registered quilt club members a copy. If you’d like to register, call the library at 870-438-6700 or find us on Facebook.

You’ll need to cut the following:

  • 36 WOF strips 2.5 inches wide in Color A
  • 36 WOF strips 2.5 inches wide in Background Color
  • 72 Background blocks 4.5 inches square
  • 18 Color A blocks 4.5 inches square.
  • 4 squares 6.5 inches wide. (to use during assembly)
  • 8 rectangles 6.5 x 12.5 (to use during assembly)

Click here for the pattern!

Share photos with us either on facebook or text them to Tiffany when you’re done with one block!

Other Blocks: