Book Review: The Chocolate Raccoon Rigmarole

Posted on September 30, 2022

A book review by LeAnn

I love chocolate! So when I saw this series featuring master chocolatier set in a resort town in Michigan, I had to try one. Our main character- Lee Woodyard- is from Texas and working with her aunt. She stumbles into crimes and solves them. Lee is just naturally curious and can’t stop asking questions, which leads her into danger. There is a full cast of interesting family and friends, featuring her husband Joe, aunt Nettie and her husband Hogan Jones, who is chief of police, and chocolate shop employee, Dolly Jolly.

  A late night call from Dolly Jolly brings Lee to the break-in of a jewelry store next to her aunt’s chocolate shop, TenHuis Chocolate. Lee is shocked to find Dolly’s boyfriend Mike being held at gunpoint by the police. Mike was recently hired as a night watchman specifically to prevent break-ins. Even crazier-thieves took nothing of value. And also the local businesses are being vandalized by raccoons! Those cute little animals have very sharp teeth! Now the businesses must deal with raccoons and thieves! So a live capture specialist is hired to trap and relocate the raccoons.

It’s kinda funny- until someone dies. Lee must help stop the killer to keep her friends and family safe.

I enjoy the whole series and recommend to everyone.