What have we been doing?

Posted on May 11, 2020

We’ve been pretty busy here at the library during the Covid-19 lock down. You might get to stay at home all day, but we’ve been working!

Stack of books ready to be disinfected!

Curb Side

We’ve been doing curb side service since March 18, and let me tell you that is much harder than it sounds! You see, normally, patrons come in, look for some reading materials on their own, and we offers suggestions. Patrons generally pick their own items and bring them to the desk for check out. With Curb Side Service, patrons call and say “I need about 5 books! I like historical romance and mysteries.” So then we get to pick books out. It’s fun, but also difficult to know if you’ve already read this book or if you even like this author. Some people have called in with a list of books they want, and we like that, but usually toss in a few of our own recommendations as well.

Then, when you return your books, we stack them up in quarantine for 7 days before scanning them, wiping them with disinfecting wipes and returning them to the shelves where they belong.

Library Improvements

In March: We got new flooring in the (old) patron bathroom, and had the tiles waxed in the Children’s area and in the bathrooms. Tiffany also painted one of the walls in the bathroom to spruce things up a bit..

We weeded a bunch of unread books from Science Fiction, Mystery, and all the children’s room. In April, we donated the children’s books to the United Methodist Church and they passed them out to students with their free lunches.

In April: We updated all our computers, cleaned the entire library top to bottom, got a new security stystem with brand new cameras and door alarms.

Home Schooling Section: We’ve created a new shelf in the library with Home School related books in it. Curriculum and popular topics for homeschooling.

Summer Planning

On top of all this, we’ve had to decide what we’re going to do about our summer events. Eventually the three Carroll County Libraries have decided to cancel all summer performers that we had booked, but we’re still doing our Summer Reading. More details on that will be coming soon as we get things hammered out.

At home

At home, we’ve been busy too! Tiffany has been catching up on old quilting and Crocheting projects, finishing no fewer than 8 projects in the last 6 weeks, including one made entirely from scraps.

Tiffany’s also been reading (well, listening to audio books from Overdrive), and just Finished Holly Black’s newest series The Folk of The Air (The Cruel Prince, The Wicked King, and the Queen of Nothing.)

LeAnn’s been working on a crocheted blanket, called Spice Market. She also just watched Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood and read Clive Cussler’s last book, The Journey of the Pharaohs and she’s currently re-reading the Martian.

Tammy and Ruth and Darlene’s projects will be posted soon!