Book Review: Beyond Tuesday Morning

Posted on July 30, 2022

If you haven’t read my review of One Tuesday Morning, you can find it here.

Within a week of reading Karen Kingsbury’s novel One Tuesday Morning, I started the sequel, Beyond Tuesday Morning. If possible, I read this novel even faster than I read the first one in the series. I picked the book up off the shelf and thumbed through a few pages—it didn’t really catch my attention. However, I carried it out to the front desk to check it out and take it home with me. While on my lunch break, I quickly skimmed a few pages. I was slightly disappointed to the start of it, and was unsure if I wanted to complete it. I was curious to know how it will end so I jumped a handful of chapters until I reached roughly the middle of the book. I almost dropped it on the floor! WHAT A PLOT TWIST! I don’t want to give too much away, but what a surprise to the second novel. I then quickly stopped reading ahead and started at the beginning.​ To help you understand the intensity of how much this series has gripped me I will give you a few details of my homelife—my laundry didn’t get done, dinner wasn’t planned or much of interest, my children were only slightly ignored, and my husband was curious to know what had gripped me so completely. When I started to write this review, I had already started the third installment of the series, and I recommend this series to ANYONE who wants to read about a positive outcome from a horrible situation. I want to say THANK YOU AND THANK YOU!!! To the library patron who first placed the book on our display table.


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