Book Review: Death By Beach Read

Posted on June 24, 2022

Picture spring in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Lucy, our librarian, and her fiancée Connor have just bought a house on the beach to remodel. It is a historic cottage. So, Lucy is happily planning her wedding and working in the Lighthouse Library (wouldn’t you love to see this library?). Things are great until she finds a dead body in her kitchen. This is not the first time this has happened.

Her first night alone in the new house she hears moans and footsteps in the dust of the living room they are working on. The rumor of the house being haunted is beginning to sound very real. 40 years ago, the teenage daughter fled the house and has never set foot in it again. She lives the life of a recluse.

The dead man in the kitchen has a long-time connection to the house. What is it? Hmmmm, you will have to read the book to find out!

I love everything about these books. This is book number 9 but have no fear. The first eight in the series are on Libby. I have read every one of them. I love the setting of Nags Beach and the fact that the library is in the lighthouse. Check them out!