Swap Parties!

Posted on November 6, 2023

Each month at Green Forest Library, we have a Swap Party! First we had puzzles, then tools, then craft supplies. In November, we’re going to swap kitchen gadgets! You know, those things you bought, thinking they’d be amazing, but you never use it?? Gather them up in a box!

  • Hand-held choppers
  • spiralizers
  • mandolin slicers
  • extra potato mashers
  • banana slicers
  • grilled cheese makers
  • baked potato microwave bags
  • milk frothers
  • pizza scissors
  • butter warmer
  • corn peelers
  • egg separators
  • and more!

Bring all those to the library on Friday, November 17 from 10am-1pm to swap them out for other kitchen gadgets that you might want to try!

Our December Swap Party will be Holiday Decorations, so as you’re decorating be sure to set the ones you no longer want to the side for our party!